2 January 2006

A hot and fiery start to 2006

Whilst we were sweltering in 45C (113F) heat with 50 knot winds and 15% humidity yesterday, bushfighters across NSW and Victoria were fighting many blazes. (The photo is from the ABC news site) Lana's dad and the other members of our volunteer fire brigade stayed near home and in radio/phone range. We attended a day to celebrate New Year's Day and the feast of "Mary Mother of God" with a bunch of other homeschooling families.
All awaited the cool Southerly which finally arrived at about 8:30pm. Meanwhile the pool was in constant use and plenty of drinks were drunk. Lana noted that "You know it's hot when you drink all day but don't go to the bathroom." Sweat was almost constant.
Last night we had some light rain and this morning fog. It was very refreshing to have such a cool start to the day!

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