30 January 2006

Maths Quiz updated

Now that our school year has begun (*) Lana has requested a few changes to our Maths Quiz spreadsheet. As her command is my wish, it is now updated.
I have added in the option of a mixed up quiz, mixing 50 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Also, as the children like competitions and seeing their progress, I have added two charts to plot the accuracy and speed results.
Lana sets aside 15 minutes per morning for each child's maths quiz. One set of 50 questions per day (and then the obligatory run around the block). At week end they have the mixed up quiz.
To give the children some kind of bench mark I did the quiz too. My scores and time were:
  1. Multiplication 98% 0:52
  2. Division 98% 1:02
  3. Addition 96% 1:56
  4. Subtraction 98% 2:22
  5. Mixed Up Quiz 94% 1:35
Bother! Those silly little errors!
Here is the new quiz in Excel and Open Office formats.

(*) In Australia the school year begins in Late Jan/Early Feb and finishes just before Christmas. There are 4 terms of approx 10 weeks each, separated by breaks of two weeks.

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Alice Gunther said...

This is an excellent idea. Thank you for sharing your method with us.