10 January 2006

A treasure table

During our visit to some friends in New York we discovered a table which had a glass top and a deep drawer. They kept all their nature discoveries inside - on view for all and protected too.
One of our friends here is a fine furniture maker and we explained what we wanted. He has lots of brothers and sisters and understood our need for strength and safety as well.
So we returned home the other day to find this beautiful table in the centre of our living room. It is made from a lovely hardwood and the glass top is 10mm thick with double laminating and balcony strength. Lucky for that as when we next had a look Rose was dancing on the top!
The drawer is hidden with the handle being only a groove underneath the base.
When I was taking this photo I tried giving the table a quick nudge with my foot. No way! It requires a determined effort to move.
So our collection of treasures now has a home for all to admire.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful table and a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing!

Cay Gibson said...

This is neat.
I definitely "NEED" one of these. LOL

Alice Gunther said...

Hey, I think I recognize that table! It's not mine, but I've always admired it too!

DavidofOz said...

We are visiting the family of the lad who made the table at the moment and the children are looking for "interesting things" to put in the treasure table. There is only one problem with the table. Now Lana wants some nicer furniture to go with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You took the table to a beautiful extreme! It is the best way I have seen to store all the stuff we collect and store it so I don't have to dust it...;)
Coincidentally, my version of the table is featured in this month's Wild Monthly (writing in progress). I think I'd rather have a photo of your table!

Anonymous said...

I really agreed this table has great workmanship. I also think the name of the young man should be noted - Pieter Slee. What a lovey young man with great talent.God Bless. Anna

DavidofOz said...

We saw Pieter at a homeschooling thing not long after we returned to Australia. Verbally we described the table we saw in New York and then discussed how to make it tougher. Pieter then used this image in his head, with his skills as a carpenter, to bring forth the lovely result.