13 January 2006

Disruption is not a pretty thing

I have discovered an interesting blog (nihilo) by a homeschooling family of eleven children - mostly adopted. They discuss the issues with homeschooling children adopted from countries that speak a foreign language. I was amazed at a new concept he has taught me regarding adoption in the US - Disruption. (Also read this entry) An adopted child may be "unadopted" if it "doesn't work out". This is called Disruption. Can you imagine that! Being adopted from another country into a new family and culture and then when you are having troubles settling in you are told, "Nah. Didn't work out. Sorry kid. Bye."
This is what the encyclopedia of adoption has to say on the matter.


Bob Edwards said...

Thanks for the link. The other article you linked had some information I had not seen about disruption before. It is one of those things we wish I did not know anything about, but sadly it does exist. Like your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I adopted our two children internationally, and we were asked to adopt a third when a couple "changed their minds" about one of two siblings they had recently adopted. They then changed their minds again and kept both children.

I didn't know it had a name, but I don't like this practice either.

It also bothered me that we reviewed videos of our children before adopting them--I kept feeling as if I were being offered the chance to reject any ugly kids. (We picked the first two videos we saw and didn't look at any others.) On the other hand, we knowingly applied for children without major health problems, justifying this to ourselves on the grounds that medical problems cost money. It's true that we're not rich, but I wonder if we did wrong by effectively avoiding sickly children.

All these things bother me. I wish adoptions were all one big lottery, permanent and blind and completely random--more like birth.