29 January 2006

Angel of Mercy - Done

Done! Another piece of fine art for the home gallery.
Lana, with a sigh of contentment and relief, has finished the last stitch on her "Angel of Mercy" Back in September we showed you a work in progress view, now we can show you the finished item.
Whilst Lana was happily stitching away at the mass of white near the bottom of the Angel's dress we conducted an experiment. Using a stop watch we calculated Lana stitches away at around 250 crosses per hour for easy stitching - one colour. With colour changing areas this would probably drop down to about 150 to 200 stitches per hour.
That means this cross stitch may have taken around 200 or more hours to complete. This time depends on what else Lana is doing whilst stitching. An interesting movie or tricky questions from the children will certainly slow down the operation.

One over One means even finer detail for the face and hands.
The bottom photo is a close-up of the face. This has been stitched "One over one" which means that it uses one thread crossed over one strand of linen. Normally it is two threads over two strands. If you click the picture you will see the details in really close close up.
The cross stitch pictures transform our house into an art gallery. It is fun showing visitors over the house and pointing out all the fine art created by Lana!
But will this entice Cajun Cay to join the Cross stitch club?


Anonymous said...

ooooh, it's *beautiful*. Terrific job, Lana! her face is exquisite.

Selina said...

it's wonderful, Lana :) Congrates on this beautiful work

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations. :)