9 September 2006

But this is supposed to a Summer camp!

One part of the camp enjoyed by the children was the beach being within a five minute walk. On the day of our arrival, we unpacked, had lunch and headed for the beach. The children went first and Lana and I followed shortly after. As we approached we saw ominous black clouds moving swiftly towards us.
All the people were rushing off the beach to shelter before the storm hit. James was not amused. He REALLY wanted to go to the beach. In this photo he is asking why he can't go to the beach. Behind him you can see my answer. (Click the photo for a full detail version)
Just as we left the beach, a police car was racing along the shore line to make sure everyone was off. About five seconds after we returned to our cabin the heavens opened and the rain poured down in a torrent. The children all looked at me as if it was my fault that their beach trip was ruined. I looked at their pitiful faces, then at the rain and said, "It's wet anyway. Dance in the rain!"
Good idea, they thought and had a good time dancing away. Note James' happy dance now that he was getting wet after all!
The rain soon stopped and the weather for the rest of the week was pretty good.

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