23 April 2006

Hide and Seek with Rose

Another time I was looking for Rose

by Ariel

Today I played hide and seek with Rose. The way she plays is I first chant,
Fee fi fo fum
I smell the blood of a Boogie-man
be she alive or be she dead
I'll grind her bones to make my bread
then she'll run and hide - but not very well.
The first time I went to find her she was under the bed, half covered by a blanket hanging over the side. I said "Where are you Rose?" and she replied "Huh?" and lifted up the blanket.
Next time she hid in the cupboard. I wouldn't have found her if she wasn't closing the door.
Then she hid under the bed and she kept lifting up the mattress with her feet.
It's really funny playing games with the little ones.


RennyBA said...

Sounds like gret fun and I wonder if you had the most fun :-)

DavidofOz said...

Actually I did. But Rose's squeals showed she enjoyed it too!
(comment by Ariel)

Hanley Family said...

My three year old loves hide and seek. He alway runs and hides, but he cannot contain himself and peeks out constantly with his ecstatic little grin. He squeals when I find him. Upon which I announce, "I found you!" "Where?" He asks. "Right there behind the curtain," I answer. "Uh uh!" he insists emphatically. "Uh huh," I answer. Upon which he turns around to check. "No, I not there!"

What a goof!