20 April 2006

Celebrating the Easter season

Now that the Lenten fast is over, Easter season feasting is compulsory. So Lana and I went shopping for chocolate Easter Eggs on Easter Monday. As it is a public holiday in Australia, shops opened at 10:00am. The best time is to get there around 10:20 allowing the really eager beavers to rush in and do their thing. We can then arrive and still have a good selection of half priced goodies.
We did very well and the children were happy. Now we will ensure the children eat the chocolate over an extended time - not all at once!
This week they have a Chocolate Rabbit which is to last them the week. They are handling this really well. Even Clare is only having a little each day. It seems that I am eating my bunny the fastest. Maybe I should move it away from such an obvious spot. Perhaps it is too open. Ariel has pinched ("borrowed") a bit. "It was there!" she claimed as an excuse. I'm moving it now!

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