5 April 2006

Wild and Woolly weather

No photo today. We woke to a massive rain storm which looked as though it would last some time. We considered driving in this through mountain roads but, looking at each other, both decided not to risk it. As it turned out this was a very good decision. The storm apparently kept up in strength Northwards to Brisbane. This meant we would have been in driving rain ALL the way! Then there was another storm in the afternoon which would have met us on the way back.
So I finished off my work with Father and the accounts and planned our return for the next day.
The children started jumping in puddles and enjoyed the lovely water supplied just for their enjoyment.
We considered visiting Warner Brothers Movie World as that wasn't too far away. The first thing we checked on their web site was the ticket prices. $340!!! (US $250) for our small family. No way. The nearby Wet'n'Wild park would have cost $260 (US $190). Plan B. No theme parks. We would get much more value from some DVD movies instead.
A last note. The food I purchased yesterday was already gone! A quick shopping trip was again required. No wonder our food bill is increasing - and it isn't inflation.

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