7 April 2006

A day at the beach

A romantic view and a wet puddle. Fun for all ages.
We awoke early and prepared for departure. After some early morning shopping we popped in to the framers. "Aren't you coming tomorrow?" he asked. "Nope," we replied, "But we are going to the beach." "Ok, we'll call you."
We visited Town Beach which was the closest patrolled beach to town. It is quite important for families and those who are less experienced with swimming and Australian beaches to go to a beach patrolled by lifeguards. There are many perils with which to be concerned including rips, strong currents, sharks, poisonous jellyfish and so on. Patrolled beaches are much safer - but you should definitely swim between the flags. There are two red and yellow flags placed on the beach. If you swim between these you are in the view of the lifeguards who have a much better chance of rescuing those in distress.

A walk with Dad
In the first photo you can see Lana looking out across the Pacific ocean on a beautiful Autumn day. Meanwhile Rose is jumping in the puddle at her feet which is much more fun.
I rolled up my pants and went into the edge of the water. The part the children enjoyed most was seeing a couple of unexpectedly high waves catch me unawares and soak my pants thoroughly. Bah!
Rose didn't like the waves much, but she did enjoy the wet sand.
By the time we returned to the car we had a call from the framer that he had just finished framing Lana's pictures. Perfect timing!
A eight hour drive completed our trek, arriving home about 8:30pm.
As we opened the car doors we were struck with a chilly 5C (40F) chilly evening! This was abit of a change from the sunny and warm weather we had experienced all week. Luckily Lana's dad had lit the wood fire so the house wasn't too cold.

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