14 April 2006

Autumn has fallen

A Gondorian Ranger examing these odd flaming trees
We always loved the seasons in the Georgian highlands. You could tell the time of year just by looking out the window. This is a photo from our first Fall in 2003 and if you scroll to the bottom of this page (May 2005) you'll see the rapid "greenifying" of Spring.
Native Australian trees do not lose their leaves in Autumn. Typically they shed branches and leaves throughout the year depending on water supply, creating lovely little tinder boxes around their bases. Wherever people are settled some of the European trees have been planted and they stand out in contrast to the rest of the vegetation - as you can see in this photo. These are two Manchurian Pear trees we have planted in our back yard. Compare their changing colours to the background.
Also, see if you can spot the 7 year old Ranger of Gondor.

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patternnuts said...

You should come to Maine (USA) then in the Fall! Really see some colors and go apple picking..... ;)
Oh and did I mention the 3 stores withing a mile or so off one another that all sell cross stitch supplies???