4 April 2006

A day at the creek sounds nice

After our experience on Monday with the insects we thought a day playing at the park which contained a creek would be fun.
The temperature was particularly hot - around 40C (100F) and humid. Lana delayed until late in the afternoon when the sun was less strong.
The children really enjoyed the water which was just deep enough for a float rather than a swim, and plenty of rocks on which to climb, and cooling water.
Within 10 minutes of arriving Ariel stood on a sharp rock which left a tiny sliver in her foot. Lana told her to stay in the water and soak it and we would get it out back at the house where we had better tools.
I was out for much of the day, including getting some supplies. I figured I purchased enough food to last a couple of days and once I returned I went back to the computer whilst Lana was away. Once they returned it was my job to dig in and get out that itsy bitsy piece of rock. Ariel handled it well, but it was pretty tricky!
All in all we had a relatively quiet day (phew!), Lana and Rose had an afternoon sleep and peace reigned.
The plan was to visit one of Lana's school friends in Brisbane the next day (about 1.5hrs drive away) so a quiet day was a great preparation.

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