15 April 2006

A new family blog

Elizabeth Foss has a new blog called Real Learning. This title is based on her book Real Learning, devoted to "Education in the Heart of the Home".

Elizabeth has a lovely article on a day trip she took with the children visiting the local park for "Our Annual Blue Bell day".

As this is another interesting glimpse of life of a homeschooling family, you'll find the link at the side.

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Friar Suppliers said...

David we will definitely pray for your mom. My mom went through this four years ago. The surgery is awful, the chemo is awful but then it is over and you can be healthy again. The success rate is so high and there is every reason to think she'll be just fine.

“Praying that through the intercession of St. Peregrine God will touch her with His healing hand and refresh her in body and spirit”

Mary Ellen