18 February 2006

More Sudoku Help

In our previous Sudoku post, Michael of Family School helpfully pointed out the Sudoku pages by Krazy Dad.
Krazy Dad has some marvellous puzzles available free of charge as well as some very useful information on solution strategies.
Now, hopefully that should satisfy the Sudoku urge around here!

(I was helping a client doing bank reconciliations yesterday and compared the tricky and at times arcane art of reconciling the bank statements and the accounting records as a lot like Sudoku. So when we reconciled a particularly tricky reconciliation, we yelled out "Sudoku!")


Bretta said...

We've been hooked on Sudoku since Richard came last September. I have Reece do them for school (bought him Sudoku Jr. on Amazon)...excellent logic work!

Anonymous said...

Have you discovered Samurai Sudoku?

Quite a challenge!

- KristinW

DavidofOz said...

I had read about Samurai Sudoku, and KristinW's link above is a nifty online version.
Thanks for the tip.