1 February 2006

It's a blooming Pineapple Flower!

A blooming Pineapple Flower

Lana's parents are slowly transforming our barren land to a growing, living place.
One of the lovely plants that is enjoying our place is this Pineapple Flower, also known as Eucomis. It starts by looking a lot like a skinny pineapple then each bud bursts into a flower from the bottom upwards until the whole thing is surrounded by these lovely little blooms.
We weren't sure if it would like it in our location as all the books suggest it prefers a sub-tropical environment which we certainly aren't.
We'll just see how it survives Winter. For the moment we can just enjoy the beauty.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower indeed.
I've never seen this before even I've been staring every possible nature etc. document since I was a child (thouhg not lately as I've better things to do than stare television...). :)