24 February 2006

Aargh! The Banksia Men are coming

Nice and pretty changing to spiky and bulbous.

On a recent bushwalk, Eric and Lana's parents found some of these Banksia Tree flowers/seeds. From left to right you can see the stages of the banksia tree from flower, losing some flower fronds, and the growth of the banksia seeds themselves.
May Gibbs is a well known Australian author of children's books and the shape and colour of the end product inspired her to think of the Big Bad Banksia Men - the "pursuers and persecutors of the Gumnut Babies"

For a good description of Banksia Trees (and the Big Bad Banksia Men), go to answers.com.

These are pretty nifty, so ...

That's going into the Treasure Table!


Anonymous said...


In 2003 i found some seed from the banksia tree also.
I have opened it with fire and i like to know if the tree can stand in cold winters from Holland.
Can you tell me?

Greetings from Holland!
Evelien van der Laan.robenevelien@chello.nl

DavidofOz said...

It all depends on the type of Banksia tree.
See: Winter Flowering Banksia
Bonzia as Bonsai

I suspect that the frost or severe or extended cold season could make it a very sad tree. As you would probably have noticed from Bruggie Tales we don't have very long Summers.

Good luck