24 February 2006

Aargh! The Banksia Men are coming

Nice and pretty changing to spiky and bulbous.

On a recent bushwalk, Eric and Lana's parents found some of these Banksia Tree flowers/seeds. From left to right you can see the stages of the banksia tree from flower, losing some flower fronds, and the growth of the banksia seeds themselves.
May Gibbs is a well known Australian author of children's books and the shape and colour of the end product inspired her to think of the Big Bad Banksia Men - the "pursuers and persecutors of the Gumnut Babies"

For a good description of Banksia Trees (and the Big Bad Banksia Men), go to answers.com.

These are pretty nifty, so ...

That's going into the Treasure Table!


Evelien van der Laan said...


In 2003 i found some seed from the banksia tree also.
I have opened it with fire and i like to know if the tree can stand in cold winters from Holland.
Can you tell me?

Greetings from Holland!
Evelien van der Laan.robenevelien@chello.nl

DavidofOz said...

It all depends on the type of Banksia tree.
See: Winter Flowering Banksia
Bonzia as Bonsai

I suspect that the frost or severe or extended cold season could make it a very sad tree. As you would probably have noticed from Bruggie Tales we don't have very long Summers.

Good luck