6 February 2006

A day of rest

After a late night on Saturday, we had to wake early to get to Mass before visiting friends in Sydney (2 hours away). It was worth the trip. With the four families there were 24 children and eight adults.
I want to swim in the big pool too.
As it was a warm day, quite a few of the children were in the pool, others were inside playing various games, the adults were chatting on all the forbidden topics of politics, religion and sport.
Ariel and the other older girls had a reading competition. They found some good books they had not yet read and each wanted to see who could read the fastest. The game ended without a result, but Ariel was upset when we announced it was time to go. "But I only have a chapter left!" Luckily for her I had to delay our departure as I sorted out some Windows and computer issues.
We really enjoy these type of days when we get together with other families. All members of each family get to recharge their batteries and socialise with others their age. If you can't find another child of your age and interest in 24 children you would have to be pretty unlucky.

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