26 February 2006

Playing in the park

My Three Monkeys

After Mass today we spent an enjoyable afternoon at a nearby park. There are many different pieces of equipment on which to play and the children enjoy playing on them together.
In this photo all three boys wanted to show how they use the monkey bars.
At another time Eric pushed Rose on the swing, James and Peter helped Clare on the slides or swings, and they all played on the train playset. Only one thing bothered them.

Higher! Higher!
A mother beckoned to her young boy (3 or 4 years old) to come with her as they were leaving. He wouldn't go. She tried the "I'm leaving" thing and started walking away. He whined and did his tantrum. Once she was out of sight (in the public rest rooms) he went back to playing. A couple of our children suggested to him that he should go to his Mum. He looked at them strangely.
Then his Mum started walking back and beckoned to him again. He beckoned back to her then went onto another piece of equipment. So she had to return.
He still refused to obey and she let him "have just one more go".
Then he still refused until she had no choice but to pull him off. He screamed, so she let him have "just one more go". Then she finally gave up being "nice" and grabbed him under her arm with him screaming all the way.
A short time later I called the children, "Come on. Let's go!", and they all came and we went. So much for today's socialisation.

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