27 February 2006

Downpour - the day after

Now I won't get wet!
The ground around here is very absorbent. Less than an hour after yesterday's heavy rain downpour of 60mm (2.4 inches), the ground was dry and puddles only remained on hardened ground.
By this morning, only the lane and roadways had puddles.
And, wonderfully, lots of water is in our watertanks.
We have an old plastic playground salvaged from a fast food restaurant which had upgraded to new equipment. The bits and pieces had been passed from one family to another unassembled as no one had enough room or enough children to justify the construction. After we built the huge thing, we had some of the windows left as spare parts. The children had fun yesterday using them as see-through space helmets, boats, mini swimming pools and windows.
Eric said the water pressure was pretty strong when he held up his shield.

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