7 February 2006

Volunteers to the rescue

Lana's dad has had to quickly leave us. The local fire brigade is joining with many other volunteer fire fighter units around New South Wales to fight large bush fires near Wagga Wagga NSW.
We don't know how long he will be away.
The Christmas before we went to the US there were very severe bushfires near here and dad had to leave just after Christmas lunch and we hardly saw him for the next two weeks other than to return home covered in soot and sweat for a clean and sleep and then off again. Our local unit worked close to 12 to 15 hour shifts almost every day in that time.
And this is all volunteer effort. The local volunteer fire brigade meets every Wednesday evening for training and often has weekends away as they learn new and refresh old methods. Sometimes it seems as if all they do is fund raising. The local shire (county) provides the fire engine, but donations provides all the rest. This includes radios, uniforms, protective gear, the lot!

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