11 February 2006

He's a knight, brave and true.

A knight, brave and true

Peter enjoys being a knight. He makes his knight costumes from cardboard and duct tape or from clothes in the dress-up/costume box.
But it's not just a costume that makes a knight. It takes imagination.
Here he is posing for me, lining up his target whilst holding his bow. Note the stance, the steady gaze into the distance, and the hand holding his arrow, ready to draw and let go at a moment's notice.
It reminds me of when we were children, ready to ignore the concerns of the world as we put our whole energy into the game.


Cathy said...

Please tell Sir Peter that he looks like a true and valiant hero.

Anonymous said...

Move back here so we can be friends! I want my boys to play with your boys!!! So there.

Or I guess we could come there... I don't think I can get the Marine Corps to go for it though.

Sigh. ;-)