27 February 2006

Trying Tri Looms

Peeking through the Shawl in progress
We first encountered Triloom weaving in the US from another homeschooling family. To experiment whilst we were there Lana banged together a triangle with spare bits of wood left over from the headboard/bed heads we had built.
The Loom has nails along each side of a Isosceles Right Triangle. Wool is woven from the end nail of the hypotenuse (the long side) across to the other end of the hypotenuse and then around the first nail of the short side and back across to the first nail on the other short side. Then weave down to the next nail on the hypotenuse. Repeat. Wayne Schmidt's This and That site explains the method in more detail with pictures.

Lana's soft, colourful and warm shawl.
Lana's dad made the Tri Loom Ariel is peeking through as a Christmas present for Ariel. It is adjustable and beautifully made.

Lana made the shawl shown here using every second nail so it would be a bit more open using fluffy wool making it "nice and soft, mmmm".

Added bit by Ariel -
I like Trilooming because:
1. Once you make the item you can use it;
2. It's easy to do and fun;
3. You can experiment with many options such as checks, differing sizes and mixing different wools;
4. It's different. I like doing something new and crafty.


Anonymous said...

That's something I definitely have to try some day! (As a weaver (by education...) ;)

patternnuts said...

Lana that looks great! Soft and warm, mmm- can't go wrong with that. I have never tried weaving like that, wow! Is it really easy? As it looks complicated.

DavidofOz said...

This is a very easy and no preparation required. As you can see the wefts and warps (up and down bits) work as you go along (you don't really need to know what weaving is all about. Other than over and under.) We had not done any weaving before. This is my first attempt. It is worth a try. There is also a triloom yahoo group with some lovely pictures and lots of information.

by Lana