26 September 2005

The Return - Stage 1 - Reality hits

We have been so busy that the reality we will be leaving behind our home of over two years has been delayed. An important part of any big move is to prepare both physically and spiritually, so we went to Confession on Saturday afternoon.
Whilst Lana was saying prayers in the Church, all was quiet and she had a time to stop and think. Looking around at our Church home and smelling the familiar smell Lana started to cry. As I came in to say prayers I looked over and immediately wondered what I had done wrong. Ladies - this is always a husband's first thought!
Lana reminisced on the kindness and friendship we have received from all the people at our Church and the way we were made to feel at home so quickly, she realised this was about to change.
As we left the Church, one of the ladies from church saw Lana and gave her a hug and began to cry too! Her husband gave me a hug and they both said they were going to miss our family. We normally sit at the front of the Church so the children can see what is going on and not be too distracted. The downside is that they are on show - for better or worse - and a lot of people that see us are gone before we meet them.
One family shook my hand earlier in the week and said they would miss our family from Church. They saw us each week but I don't think we had actually been introduced!

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