2 September 2005

Gas/Petrol prices - Hurricane Katrina

Yesterday $2.61 gallon
Today $3.45 gallon
Earlier this year $1.65
July to Sep 2003 $1.35

Australian prices for comparison are $1.20 (aud) litre = $3.49 (US) gallon.

Locals always marvelled at how much Australians pay for petrol. Now we all are about the same but the price change is a bit of a shock! The overnight increases are a direct result of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The area hit by the Hurricane supplies about 25% of US oil and has a sizable percentage of the oil processing facilities. The port at New Orleans is one of the five largest ports in the world and it is off line.

Over 1 million people are homeless - and many will likely never be able to go back. Their homes are either destroyed by the winds, subsequent flood, fire, looting or the toxic sludge left behind by the waters when the water is pumped out of the area.

It is now time to help those affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster with prayers and donations.

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