15 September 2005

My Favourite Library

These two young ladies were the friendly people meeting us on our first visit to the local library. And they have continued smiling and being helpful for the two years we have been visiting the library and borrowing a mountain of books.
The library here is a treasure trove of quality books - not just contemporary rubbish, but a marvellous collection of living history books. There are hundreds of books detailing historical events written in the first person easily read and enjoyed by all ages.
Ariel has read about the journey across the US by Lewis and Clark from the point of view of Lewis, Clark and the Indian girl (whose name I can't pronounce) in three seperate books. We all read about Captain Cook discovering Australia - He was actually a lieutenant at the time and he didn't discover Australia, but he did think it worth claiming for England.
Homeschoolers are frequent users of libraries, not just for a school project, but more for the opportunity of reading new books and discovering new worlds of adventure. We are going to miss the breadth and variety of our local library and the helpful staff who have made our visits so much easier. The children have been encouraged to just go up and ask for any type of book. The librarians eagerly assist the children and help them through the search process. On our first visit they took the time to give us a tour of the library and show us how all the different sections were organised and how their systems worked. Somehow they knew we weren't from around here. :-)
It is always a joy to visit.

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