30 September 2005

Restarting our Australian Identity

Robert's wife met us an hour from the airport and Lana and the children went to their place to play and settle down after the long journey. Meanwhile I went with Robert and arranged for my Australian licence and transfer our new car registration.
This was pretty straight forward affair. I just had to produce my passport and US license, have Robert be my referee (confirming my address) and within about 20 minutes I had my license.
Then a further 10 minutes or so and the vehicle was now registered in my name too.
The license cost $93 ($70 US) for 3 years, which is more than it was in Georgia ($15 for 4 years), but the Georgia licence took 4 hours.
Compare our experience with Lana's Georgia licence [updated] and the registration of the Suburban.
Once I arrived at Robert's house I fixed up insurance for the new vehicle as well as updated the house and contents insurance.
Not a bad start to getting everything back in place!
We finally arrived home around 5:30pm with fish and chips and ready for bed.
Our return was finally complete.

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