30 September 2005

Never complain about rain

As Lana and I were resting in bed after a long journey we heard a marvellous sound. Rain pitter pattering on the tin roof.
Our water supply is rain. It flows from the roof into one of three large concrete water tanks with 90,000 litres (20,000 gallons) capacity. Australia has been in the grip of a drought for some time - some areas of Victoria have been without much water for 10 years.
If there is too much water we have the happy-sad event of overflowing tanks. Happy because it means we have full capacity, but sad because that precious water is wasted. This photo shows water pouring out of the overflow hole.
Considering that our water is just rain water we need to ensure we are very careful with water and all our devices are very water efficient.
When we visited friends in the US Lana and I would - from habit - turn off taps/faucets when they left them running.

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