10 September 2005

The joys of moving

As part of the relocation back to Australia we have to sort through everything. It isn't just a matter of throwing everything in boxes and taking it with us. There are several categories
- books and movies to be sent back via boxes (done)
- Stuff that is broken and of no redeemable value (done and continuing)
- things to take with us in suitcases - hopefully about 12 will be enough.
- clothes to donate to thrift stores (opportunity shops)
- the rest is to be sold.
Naturally enough, with two weeks to go, the children are starting to get irritable caused by a combination of excitement, uncertainty, changing surroundings and wondering about the future.
Lana's job has been to sort and pack (with the children volunteering their assistance). My job has been liaising with external parties for shipping, hotel accommodation, getting the house ready at home, organising a car for when we get there, ensuring our banking is straight and so on. And continue to do my job. So we're all pretty busy.
But the biggest challenge is the daily meals using up what is in the pantry. I expect the meals for our last week will be pretty interesting!

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