21 September 2005

Clare's special day

Yesterday we had quite a busy day. Clare was playing outside and Lana heard a scream. She saw Clare crying and blood everywhere. She had fallen with the rope catching her teeth, ripping them at 45 degree angles. One popped right off when Lana checked. I arrived home about 5 minutes later and we quickly rushed to the local Dentist. Dr Ronnie Dyer in Blairsville was excellent. He quickly analysed the situation and arranged for us to visit the dental sirgeon in Blue Ridge (about an hour away). As they sent us on our way they said, "No charge for today." His practice has always provided us with good service.
After going through the paperwork, xrays, preparation and finally the operation to remove the remaining two teeth, we finally returned home about 5 hours later. Luckily there was no lasting damage to the gums or jaw. The permanent teeth are there waiting to come down - probably in about a year or two.
Whilst Lana and I took care of Clare, friends picked up the children and took them to their house.
Clare was already in good spirits in the early evening and she is running around and happy as usual today. Children's ability to recover from injury is a very good design feature! Other than a slight lisp she has recovered amazingly well.

I had Clare tell me what happened which I have transcribed below. It is interesting that the highlights of her dental surgeon visit are the toy box and the videos in the waiting room.

This is Clare's story:
I was on the ropes and I banged my teeth. The ropes you sit on - I fell to there.
Mum broke one of my tooth out. Dad came home and took me with you and Mum to the dentist. They checked my teeth and we had to go to the other dentist.
We watched a movie when we were waiting. We watched two! Then we went in and checked how tall I was - 40 pounds. I had an exxed ray around my head. The lady got the toy box out and I got stuff from it.
Mum and you took me to a chair and they put a thing on my big toe [monitor] and a thing on my nose. [Nitrous Oxide/Laughing gas]. Mum and Dad had to go out. I felt not very good. When they got my teeth out it made my neck hurt. I told them some stuff about Australia. The lady wanted to come with us to Australia. But we're going to have to go in a plane.
They put some cross-stitch stuff in my mouth [gauze to absorb the bleeding]. I didn't want it in. We then went to the Floyds.

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