27 September 2005

The Return - Not all bad news

It was not all bad news so far. In spite of the delays and problems there were many good luck bits.
When we finally had all the luggage and family at Atlanta airport and made it to the check-in desk, there was NO LINE. We got straight to the assistant. Whilst I was doing weight training with the bags, there was a very long line placing the bags through the X Ray unit.
Once the bags were all checked, the X Ray line was clear too! We got straight to the X Ray unit and unloaded the bags - more weight lifting. Total checked bag weight - 886 pounds or 403kg.
So far I have lifted these into the car (Ward got them out), into the shuttle, out of the shuttle on and off check-in, off at X-Ray, off the carousel. So 7 times 886 pounds means a lot of weight training within a short time.
This photo is of our 5 luggage "smarte carte"s gathered around me at Check in.

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