2 December 2006

Kids behaving NOT badly

During the short time we were waiting at the Radiologist Office for our Ultrasound, the children filled half the waiting area and explored the treasure trove of new books to read. If an adult came in looking for a chair, one of the children arose from their chair and took a seat on the floor. I caught this photo of Ariel and the girls sharing some of the books. Eric had been sitting next to Clare, and when the lady in the white shirt came in, he stood up (unbidden) and offered her his chair.
When our time was announced I quietly called to them all to come along and we proceeded to the tiny room for the ultrasound. Other than encoraging Peter to settle down during the boring time the radiologist was ignoring us doing his measurements, the children did pretty well.
When we returned after an hour or so to pick up the results and accompanying report, we waited in the van while Lana went in. Lana took quite some time. When Lana returned about 20 minutes later we found out why.
The ladies at the front desk asked Lana, "How did you get the kids to behave so well? I've got two and they wouldn't have done that."
"It's a lot of work, and we homeschool." Lana replied.
"I thought you did," said the younger lady, "When I saw how they were behaving I thought you must homeschool."
Then Lana engaged in a conversation discussing the socialisation and family benefits of homeschooling. The older lady mentioned she knew another family with ten children that homeschooled. (They are a local family that is also part of our local homeschooling group.)
We earlier had a conversation in the waiting room with a lady and her daughter who was about to go into year 12. "I wish I homeschooled," sighed the girl.
It's days like this we don't mind going out with the whole clan!

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