23 December 2006

What is your plan for the children?

What are your plans for your children?
Or, to ask a related question, what is your plan as parents?
(This post by the Game Theorist led to this article by Orson Scott Card.)
Both articles are an excellent start to a conversation all parents should ask themselves.
How do you measure success as a parent?
We reckon that if the children end up as happy, productive members of society and on their way to heaven (that is, knowing, loving and serving God) we would have done our jobs reasonably well.
As Orson Scott Card discusses, aiming to be the best or just happy are dangerous aims as their attainment or the drive towards their attainment do not necessarily provide us with what we sought underneath the simple answers.
(The photo is a cute one of Clare I thought would make for a nice illustration.)

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