18 December 2006

Dad at play

As I am very busy at the moment and spend many nights away during the week, I try to spend as much time as possible on the weekend with the family. This takes the form of a number of activities such as shopping with a random assortment of the children, going to Mass and then perhaps visiting a park with the whole family or just mucking around at home. The children were excited when I tested the new trampoline on the weekend and Peter decided to take some photos of me jumping with Rose.
We also often have family discussions over breakfast or dinner on such diverse topics as the faith, life, the universe and everything, how families live together, what name we will give to the new baby and so on. Over Sunday morning breakfast we discussed the nature of reality and the material and spiritual dimensions. (see next post for details)
It is all of these times that make family life very enjoyable. The children and Lana aren't just "my family", they are also my friends.

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