12 December 2006

Advent-ures before Christmas

Now that we are in Advent (the 4 weeks preparing for Christmas) we have created our Advent Wreath.
The Advent Wreath is supposed to have at least a candle for each of the four Sundays within Advent circled by some evergreen branches. Three candles are Purple and one Pink. You can also have an optional White/gold one in the middle for Christmas day itself.
On the first Sunday, a Purple candle is lit. The second has two purple candles lit. The pink one joins the other two in week three and then all four are lit on the last Sunday before Christmas.
We have the Advent Wreath in the middle of the dinner table and when we gather for the evening meal, each child has a turn lighting the appropriate candles. Then another child gets to blow them out at the end of the meal so that everyone gets a chance to light or unlight the candles. (Clare is enjoying her hard won privilege in this photo)
Ariel made the wreath using candles, some branches from some bordering Pine trees and ribbons of the appropriate colours around the candles.
In case you were wondering, the candles were set up straight but things move, donchaknow?

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