10 December 2006

Bouncing without springs

Last time when I was returning home late, I stopped at McDonalds and purchased a quality meal. I noticed a competition being held with the prize of a "Springfree trampoline".
"No springs?" I asked myself and examined the poster. I had no intention of buying any Happy Meals, but I did see a website address in Australia. (www.springfreetrampoline.com.au) (the US site is www.springfreetrampolines.com) Considering Peters proclivity for jumping a lot, we investigated the website and were very happy with the safety features and design smarts.
When we were in the US we had a trampoline with a net and wanted to get one here. This trampoline is even better with no springs, no pads, and a much better net design.
It also bounces higher and firmer. (Note how high Eric is. Ariel gets even higher.) In the top picture you can see that Peter has already checked out some of the capabilities.
The trampoline came in three heavy boxes 8am on Saturday morning (when I normally get to sleep-in). I awoke groggy and signed for the boxes whilst Dad moved them to where we were to set up the trampoline. We then proceeded to assemble the thing. The process was pretty straight forward and the instructions were very detailed. There were no missing bits and a couple of useful spares were included. Fitting the rods into the mat was quite strenuous. Normally I awake at around 5:30 or 6:00am, have a shower, drive around two hours and then start work. Waking up and going straight into strenous activity made me realise how unfit I really am!
But the end result is pretty good and both trampolines are getting use. So now we have six Bruggies bouncing beautifully.
Update: Oops. The Australian link was wrong. Now fixed.

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