29 December 2006

Structured Classical Unschooling

As part of our year end reflections, and in response to questions about our homeschooling style, we have finally worked out what method of homeschooling we use.
Structured, Classical, Literature based unschooling.
As you can gather that is quite a mix of styles which on the surface appear to contradict. However long time readers of Bruggie tales could probably have worked this out. We don't strictly adhere to any of these individual TYPES of homeschooling, but instead select the parts that suit our family and each child's proclivities. Naturally we always wonder whether the children are learning or doing "enough". Having experienced Ariel's activities in the workplace over the last few months it looks as if we are on the right track.
For structure we use a planner which divides up books and tasks over the 30 to 40 week school year.
We primarily focus on Maths and English Literature and reading skills as a framework and fold in the rest using a combination of books and experiences for History, Social Studies, Geography, Science and so on.
We also have regular Maths Quizzes to keep the children's mental maths skills active.
We deliberately immerse the children and ourselves in our culture and history through literature, especially audio books.
Embracing and infusing all this, in daily life and all subjects, is the faith and God's interaction with us all.
Update: This must be a year end tradition. Last year we reflected on Why We Homeschool.
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Anonymous said...

I think literature is the best way to (self-)educate. It works good for me, because I love reading.

Scott Hughes
Education Forums

Anonymous said...

Hi! It was great to have discovered your site! I love how you've labeled yourself. "Structured...Unschooling" Does seem like a contradiction doesn't it? I find it so hard to fit in with any particular "group" in terms of methodologies, but really appreciated knowing someone else is doing something similiar!