29 November 2006

Peter is in a flip

Peter is unbelievable.
He is able to do all sorts of physical contortions and rarely walks anywhere in a traditional manner. Think of how the Droidekas (?sp) (those rolling droids from Star Wars) move. Then you should be able to envisage how Peter rolls down the hall from the lounge to his bedroom - literally head over heels!
This photo is of his latest fun. He does a few preliminary bounces and then flips backwards and lands back on his feet! And then easily does it again.
I would like to claim he gets this ability from me, but no-one would remotely believe it.
We have begun investigating local gymnastics training as I think he really needs it.

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Anonymous said...

Our oldest is like Peter and the ability helped a lot in track - high jump and pole vaulting. Peter will have a great time in gymnastics.