4 December 2006

I forgot the fudge recipe

ALmost a year ago we posted our recipe for Unforgettable Fudge. This weekend Ariel made a batch (with some help from Lana) and I brought along a sample to the client Ariel has been assisting the last few weeks.
Amidst the expressions of delight I was asked about the recipe.
"It's on Bruggietales," I replied and then found that I had forgotten to include it in our recipe list! Oops.
So, the "Unforgettable Fudge" was forgotten. But it is now remembered and placed in Lana's Recipes on the left.

1 comment:

RennyBA said...

You know I like to visit you folks down under sometimes and this post as I also looked back to the recipe was great - my mouth was watering.It reminds me of Christmas treats!

May I invite you over to give you some Advent spirit?