29 December 2006

All together, push!

Sometimes it pays to keep quiet about great budget savings. A very short time after posting about Budgetting, we all hopped into our van to go to Mass. It didn't start. The battery seemed to work but the starter motor just whirred unhappily.
OK. No Mass today. Everyone out.
Lana's Dad had a good look and worked out that the battery was really "stuffed". So we toddled off to town (45 minutes away) and obtained a new battery.
The van still didn't start. This was more serious. We called a number of mobile mechanics but the ones that covered our area were all on holidays this week.
So we called the place we get our van serviced and they were open. We just had to get the van there and that meant giving it a push start.
Dad's little car was able to get the van up the slight slope and out of our driveway, and then Lana, her Mum and I gave the van a push start and Dad timed the ignition and the van started!
A trip back to town, and we left the van at the service place with news it would cost about $1,500 ($1,125 USD) and
probably be ready Tuesday.
This afternoon we had the call they received the starter motor today, the van was fixed and it would ONLY be $1,295 ($970).
So by year's end, my six monthly figures ended about on target after all.
Did you note the fog in the photo? This is high Summer, and whereas last year New Year's day was over 40C (104F) this year it looks to be around 20C (68F) and with much loved rain.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me Lana was pushing that van while pregnant!!! ; /

DavidofOz said...

Only with one hand so it was much easier.