23 May 2005

Welcome to the South 3

Tim surprised the locals with his prowess. Targeting a hapless bit of wood, Tim hit the target three out of three. Some of the children ran inside yelling, "Mr Tim hit the target all three times!"
I think Tim was pretty pleased with himself too.

Donald was impressed that Tim and Colette, although having no experience with guns, did quite well.

Afterwards they had me fire a new pistol he had - more power than the Magnum 44 I had trouble with last time. "OK," I said, "Just tell me what to do." Following instructions I was told the first shot was a lower charged cartridge, but the second one would have a bigger kick. He was right. The first one had a mild kick, but the second one kicked a lot. But I saw the muzzle flash, which meant I didn't flinch. Phew, I passed.

Actually, Donald invited his oldest son, father and friend along to see if I would be as humourous as last time. I was under pressure to perform. My commentary last time had obviously made the rounds. After I had fired Donald's guns, the others asked me to have a go with theirs!

After a beautiful BBQ, and a Pavlova (the Australian contribution to this Southern BBQ) we went home. I think this is one experience that Tim and Colette would NEVER have had as a normal tourist!

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