30 May 2005

Notes for travellers

Now that Lana has arisen, we just wanted to add a few more notes so far.

Free refills are a great idea. Most restaurants in Australia charge for each drink, whilst most family restaurants in the US provide free refills for most drinks for dine-in patrons. So we tend to order only one or two drinks for the family and we share the cups. This saves about $8 a meal which tends to add up.

The NC mum had a great personal ring tone for when her husband called. We heard the telephone sound the Lone Ranger theme and she knew her husband was on his way home to rescue her.

In Virginia some use a different word for Shopping trolley/cart/buggy. The Walmart sales assistant was packing our bags and ask us "Do you want to pack your basket?" We looked around for a basket and asked for more information. She asked again and finally pointed to the shopping cart. "Aha!" we cried, "we have found a new word for the trolley!" The assistant just grimaced as these strange aliens.

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