30 May 2005

More Translations

It took a while for us to work out lots of clothing terms.
Aust - US - notes
Apron? - Pinafore (The type of thing Anne of Green Gables wore)
Pinafore - Jumper (The dress where a T-shirt is worn underneath)
Jumper - sweater
Sweater - sweater (Aust refer to a sweater as a fine jumper. A jumper is normally woollen)
Lemonade - Soda/Pop/Coke ("Lemonade" in Australia is Sprite/7 Up?etc, with the generic term for all fizzy sugar drinks being "Lemonade")
Lemon sweet drink - Lemonade (US Lemonade is a nice mix of Sugar, water and some lemon. The closest Australians would have is lemon flavoured "lemonade")

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