23 May 2005

Welcome to the South 1

Colette and Tim ended their overseas trip with a quick visit to visit us. We picked them up from Atlanta and drove the two and a half hours home. It was a tricky dilemma for us. What could we show Colette and Tim in the short time we had together which they would never get the opportunity as normal tourists? We had it! Experience some true (fair dinkum) Southern hospitality.

Friends owned a property where they ran a small farm with a cow, some goats, chickens, dogs and other bits and pieces. They had six children too and they figured it would be fun showing my city slicker family a fun time with a Southern BBQ and we could shoot some guns.

Whilst we were chatting, Colette heard that the cow was going to be milked. "Can I have a go?" she asked. "Why sure." replied Angela, interested and slightly unsure what she would experience.

This photo is Colette showing some fresh cow's milk on her hand. "Proof" she was really in the country. Colette did quite well at milking, persevering until she had it right. And she fed the calf from a bottle, even when the calf was pushing and pulling, not making it easy at all.

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