28 May 2005

Day 2 - Virginia is Green and we're not terrorists!

After leaving North Carolina we went straight up the main Interstate. This is not a very exciting route, but it was the most direct. We stopped at the Virginia Information Center and found an interesting park at which we could stop. We asked the children whether they would like to stop at the park, or get to the family earlier. Unanimous - get to the family quicker.
When we arrived, our host family's children were waiting at the front and started jumping up and down, "They're here!". Our children were glad to be there too!
Before we could really introduce ourselves properly, the children had already met their counterparts and gone off to play. The father had expressed some concern to the mother we had been liasing with, "You don't even know these people - they're just names on the Internet. They could be terrorists or anything!"
We all got along famously and are looking forward to visiting them in the future when we do a trip to Washington - not on a long weekend.

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