17 May 2005

Calling 007 - Spyware infections

I hate spyware. By going to the wrong site and answering a question wrong your machine is suddenly doing weird things like having odd web pages in your browser, or the machine constantly whirring when you are doing nothing.

You have to be protected when you go surfing the Internet.
1. Firewall - all routers have a firewall, but a software one (such as ZoneAlarm - free) will let you know if programs are trying to get onto the 'net.
2. Anti-virus software - regularly updated with definitions. I use Vet but many of them do a fine job.
3. Just say "No!". If an email has an attachment, check with the sender before opening it. If a web site asks to install software, make sure.
4. Be VERY VERY careful with music download and games sites. Remember the maxim "There is no such thing as a free lunch". Many of these sites are guilty of inflicting spyware and other nasties on unsuspecting users.
5. Anti spyware tools. Every anti spyware program picks up some, but not all spyware infections. I run two: Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy. In conjunction they have cleared up any spyware I have. Regularly check your machine and get the latest file definitions.


You could get a Macintosh.

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