31 May 2005

Day 4 - Roadside America 2005

We arranged to meet another homeschooling family at Roadside America. With the GPS thingy we asked for a route which avoided all highways so we had a rambling trip from the hotel across all the back ways through rural PA. This is also a very green part of the country with lots of dairy farms servicing the chocolate factories of Hershey and Nestle.
We saw a few Amish people and at one point were behind a buggy and cart.
There is a Pennsylvania Dutch gift store next to Roadside America. I asked whether they had any Dutch Licorice. The lady looked surprised and said she had never heard of that, perhaps I was thinking about Holland Dutch. Pennsylvania Dutch is not at all related to Holland Dutch. The store has what must be one of the oldest cash registers I have seen. Not surprisingly, they only accepted cash.
Roadside America is very good value. The lady guarding the entrance checked twice to make sure I had the correct number of adults and children and reminded me that children under six for free. I assured her the number was correct.
The display is basically a huge train set with buttons around the outside allowing visitors to activate parts of the display. Some buttons activate a train or trolley, others will make a conveyor move or playground work. On the hour is a patriotic night time display with some Christian messages.
This was well worth the time to visit.

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