27 May 2005

Day 1 - First stop

We had planned on visiting the Vietnam War Memorial in Charlotte, but missed the turnoff. The children preferred to play with the children at our first stop so we continued on.
We visited our first family in North Carolina. We had a great time, the boys all played outside with their 11 year old son and the girls played a variety of games. Another homeschooling family was invited over and the ladies all chatted whilst nursing and fussing with babies, whilst the guys chatted about a wide range if subjects - politics, religion and whatever else I used to be told should be avoided in all polite conversations.
Lana really enjoyed getting to have a chat with other homeschooling mums, who, as they also had four or more children, had very similar interests and concerns.
It was a long first day (367 miles) but the GPS thingy worked great.
The boys had planned on camping overnight, but came in shortly after they started. "The pond is alive!" There was so much noise from the nearby pond that the boys just couldn't get any sleep.

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