23 October 2016

The end of a great return

That shouldn't be too hard a climb
To complete our trip we decided to go for another trip near Murphy North Carolina to visit the Wagonmaster Adventure Ranch. Unfortunately it was more of a ghost town than an adventure as they were closed after their Spring - Summer - Fall season. On the way back we noticed the Field of the Woods Bible Park entry. I remember looking at this in the Murphy Visitor Centre information so stopped and went back to have a look.
I was wrong - 350 steps wrong. This is the view from the top.
This is basically a bible themed area with a massive ten commandments made in stone/concrete on a very steep hill. The centre has a long series of steps leading to the top tempting visitors to have a "little" climb. So we did.
You can see the photo of children sitting in front of the open book at the top of the stairs. The staff at the gift shop later confirmed there were over 350 steps to the top. Since they were first installed I suspect the ground has shifted as very few of the stairs are the same height or level and some of the hand rails are worn and fallen away. Although this would probably not be considered "work safe" it was worth the climb to the top.
Our wobbly legs whole we wandered through the gift shop were confirmed by the health app on the iPhone saying we had climbed 16 floors.
The children provide scale to the top photo
It certainly felt like it.
Initially we were concerned we missed the Fall changing of the leaves when we saw the lovely green woods and mountains. Yet in two short weeks the whole area was transforming into brilliant yellow, orange and red. The bottom photo shows our final view from the cabin. Compare it to the first view to see the difference.
Compare this to our first view two weeks ago.
So now we begin our journey home with a detour via Auckland, New Zealand. Packing, cleaning, planning followed by rushing, waiting, sitting, queueing, waiting, sitting and more fun.
But it was all worth it.

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