21 October 2016

Memories of a great butcher

The Butcher in a barn
Not long after we started living in the US a butcher shop - called a Meat Market here - started a short distance away. Coming from a butcher's family we quickly started purchasing our meat from Dan, the butcher who had the time to help us with our weird Australian meat requests.
The cuts of meat are different here so it took a while of mutual discussion working out what we liked from this new selection of cuts. One big difference is we wanted our steaks cut a lot thinner than the standard US inch and thicker cuts.
We popped in to see Dan last week and purchased some meat. He remembered us from so long ago and when we ordered some steaks asked us, "You like your steaks cut thinner don't you?"
Dan and his wife posing for those Australians.
We have had a delightful selection of meats this week to share with our friends. The T Bone and other steaks, Bratwursts and Ground Beef (called Mince in Australia) were all delicious.
It is amazing how the intervening 12 years disappeared so quickly when our favourite places still exist and the people remember us.

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