12 October 2016

Days 2 Discoveries

Everything is an iThing here.

Everyone enjoyed shooting
We have been going over some more memories of our Sorghum Festival day and posting a few more photos. Peter was amazed when discussing guns with one of our friends that he could get one for only $20. Sure, it wouldn't have been a great gun, but it would have worked and been fine.
In Australia guns are neither overly feared nor desired but largely ignored in every day life. The bulk of Australians are "city folk" for whom guns have little interest as we do not have a high level of gun based crimes. A gun based robbery, or murder still makes the news because it is unusual and not just background noise as it seems to be in many parts of the US.
The festival presented the opportunity for the children to fire some BB guns and we were very grateful for the opportunity. The rough summary of the experience by the children was "Awesome".

Summary of our discoveries on day two:

Clare: Padded kneelers and seats. The church to which we were very warmly welcomed back has cushioned kneelers and chairs. This is in sharp contrast to the typical plain wooden seats and kneelers at home. I reckon you could easily pray and remain in adoration for much longer here!
Peter: Flags everywhere. Australians are very patriotic but much more laid back about it. It is great to see so many people loving their country and letting everyone know about it.
Rose: Very warm welcome at Mass. Lots of smiles and hugs once people recognised us from so long ago. Part of the beginning of Mass involves having all visitors stand so they can be recognised and after Mass are greeted. It is a good idea to ensure that newcomers are greeted and not forgotten. As an extra, Father at the end of Mass announced to the church, "Welcome back to the Bruggies who have returned to us from Australia."
Peter was pretty accurate

This shot woke everyone up!
Zach: It's fun.
Martin: Made new friends. Rose, Martin and Zach played with one of the children from Mass and had a great time climbing all over the playground at Church.
Lana: Blairsville is bigger than our village, but everyone knows everyone else. A 12 year gap disappears quickly. We are finding that once we start with "Hello" somehow we are recognised as "Not from 'round here", a great smile breaks out and conversations begin. My voice is already starting to get a little rough from our frequent conversations.

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Bretta said...

All these years later...I still love Bruggie Tales and look forward to your posts.